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Post  The Imperium on Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:49 pm

An and island chain to the east of the main land of Elysium there was a small nation of peaceful people. I group of farming pacifists who believed in peace and prosperity and who looked up to people of intelligence who came up with things to better their society. Then one day it happened. The peaceful land was torn apart in a lux lucis attack, they came in force enslaving or killing half of the populace destroying land for farming burning forests to the ground. The once peaceful happy people were now left broken beaten and alone as the other nations of Elysium were to small and fledgling to help or would not get in the path of these devils. The group of people even called out to Incarna for help but they were to far away to get in time before the Lux Lucis might return and finish the job and Incarna would not take the risk of getting in a war with Lux Lucis.

The people of that land seemed doomed to die out and fade into the obscurity of the darkest reaches of history never to be seen or heard from again. But one day a magnificent floating city of shining metal rose from the horizon as if saviors sent from on high. The people of the floating city came to help the people, healed them, helped them rebuild, taught them. They left them some of their technology and left leaving the people alone to fend for themselves. They studied and studied these gifts almost not doing anything else, they began to understand them completely and saw that with this they would be just like their saviors one day and could take revenge on lux lucis. But slowly it became twisted and so much more than that.

The began to make advancement upon advancement in technology and eventually began going the opposite way of their saviors. They worshiped technology and even began to implant it in themselves, their entire life and world becoming centered around technology. Emotions and Human things began to become irrelevant and meaningless in the pursuit of knowledge and power. They still cry for revenge against lux lucis but for more than just that reason. They crave their technology, the things lux lucis can do that they can not. The first 13 men who fully made themselves machine besides their minds rule this new nation.

We are the Imperium, We are the future. We are your hope, We keep you safe, We have control.
The Imperium
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