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The Night Rises Empty The Night Rises

Post  Atrum Veneficus on Thu Nov 24, 2011 2:54 pm

2 generations have passed in the Ivory-Wolf clan since the founding of their once great, now rebuilding nation. It all began with one priestess named sister Karasen, The grandmother of Sorac Ivory-Wolf, walking fron the light, into the night.

The day was cold and bleak as the grey knights made their rounds for the day executing men and women in the streets for a heathen magik many had never even heard of much before except in fairy tales meant to teach young children and scare them into good moral standing.

Karasen stood with tears in her eyes unable to stand the blood shed, so she climbed to the top of a near by mountain with a temple to the god of lux lucis, their triple aspect god they have come to call the Trinus Deus. She was a priestess so she was closer to their god so when she prayed she like usual expected to see some sort of sign like an answer. But none came. She did not open her eyes but she could see a land of black mist, and a dark sun. Before her stood 15 figures completely in-human in appearance. Their leader, she assumed because he was in front of them all, floated to her and look at her with eyes of glowing dark blue energy. His voice sounded like that of a roaring flame but quickly calmed to a deep nearly regal speech, with a dark rasp.

This being said to her "Karasen of Peregunis Lux Lucis. Your pray to your god and no one answers. He has forsaken you like your empire has. We, will never do such a thing. We can save your people. We are the gods of night, Born along side your so called trinity. you have called out for help, and we have answered. Will you accept us?"

She nodded in agreement and the being seemed to almost smile at her.

"Wise choice, now you will gather your people in the center of the largest town or city possible and you will chant all of our names in succession." They began to say their names.



Every citizen of the outer villages gathered in the main city at this time known as "rutilus villa" and called out each gods name in the same order they had told the priestess. The knights heard them and closed in prepared to kill all the villagers for blasphemy. But as the villagers finished their plea black flame erupted from the ground beneath the knights scorching them all into oblivion. The most powerful god of this new pantheon, Pyliel, appeared before the people and blessed them with the power they had been accused of having and told them to flea into the mountains to the south there they should build a new and glorious city. He of course bestowed upon the priestess the most amazing gift. Her and all her children would be the strongest Magis, this priestess' toke the name Karasen Ivorywolf the last name of her fore fathers. The people of the newly formed Empire of Atrum Veneficus went into the mountains and made their city. By the time karasen's grandson Sorac was leader the city was surronded by a powerful force field and the area around them had grown dark to show the power of dark magik to the world.

But all was not destined to stay peaceful, the xenophobic Lux Lucis found them and attacked yet again with one order. Exterminate. The army of Atrum veneficus was strong but not strong enough, even with the dragons, drakes, and wyrms the gods had given them they couldn't stand before an organized and extremely advanced military. So in one desperate prayer service the people said the names of thier gods in the same order they had those many years ago and the gods ripped atrum veneficus and all its land from its place in the universe and transplanted it of the coast of a strange land that courses will magical power. After another war with lux lucis they were forced to yet again flee, and they now reside in the land of elysium
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