The Remnants of New Kyanon

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The Remnants of New Kyanon Empty The Remnants of New Kyanon

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The former nation known as the Emirate of New Kyanon, with a population of approximately 50,000 and one of the most advanced military forces known to the world, has been decimated. During their effort to rebuild their nation on Spero, they were subject to political boundaries and limitations, crushing wars, a bloody civil revolution, divided loyalties, and the brutal attack of the Lux Lucis.

Kyanon's percentage of casualties was among the highest of all of the nations of Spero, and they were left with barely more than a few hundred survivors, not including the thousands who were captured and forced into slavery. Most of these Kyanites were captured by the Lux forces and shipped out to slave-owning nations as workers, leaving the former nation scattered and nearly powerless.

Arrakhesh and approximately two hundred Kyanites, including the last organized military force of Kyanon known as Unit K-1, have managed to escape the old continent of Spero. They have taken up the mission to free their enslaved brothers and sisters of Kyanon while attempting to find refuge somewhere to survive.

Arrakhesh Sa'Kabrion
Warrior-General of Kyanon

The Remnants of New Kyanon Arrakh10

The 18-year-old son of Kabriel Sakh'vesh is the last heir of Kyanon and one of the last survivors of the Royal Family. He has trained his entire life to prepare to take up the role of Warrior-General, and during the invasion of Lux Lucis he led the relocation effort. He took command of his father's elite Honor Guard to evacuate as many Kyanite citizens as possible while his father Kabriel and the rest of the military fought back against the Lux Lucis, and now the responsibility has fallen upon him to keep the survivors under his command safe while rebuilding his nation from the ground up.

Selah Sakh'vesh
General of the Honor Guard

The Remnants of New Kyanon Selah110

Selah is currently missing. After Kabriel was reported as missing in action, General Selah took control of the resistance forces while Arrakhesh took control of the evacuation effort. Selah is presumed dead, although her last report stated that she had managed to escape to an undisclosed location. Kyanon has lost all contact with her.


The Remnants of New Kyanon Cycy_b10 The Remnants of New Kyanon 47057010

So far, nothing is known of the background of this young woman. She was recovered from a Tryscarian slave processing facility while in critical condition, where she was rescued immediately after giving birth to two twins - one boy and one girl.

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