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The Confederation of Tryscar Empty The Confederation of Tryscar

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Tryscar is a modern and highly industrialized nation of Elysium. They are known for their financial prosperity, highly competitive strategies, well-developed and powerful economy, sharp but aloof attitudes, expansive slave trade, and advanced capitalist system.



President of the Confederacy: Michaen Reichsson
Population: 983,874 citizens. Approx. 25,000 slaves, and 10,000 alien residents
Area: 40880 square miles (60% temperate grassland, 20% coastline, 10% mountain ranges)
Land use: 35% corporate/industrial, 30% residential, 25% urban, 10% agricultural/rural
Trade rights/Alliances: New USSR, The Imperium, Lux Lucis


Government and Politics

The Confederation is comprised of states which are based around industry, manufacturing, competitive capitalism, and a correlated economic structure. Each state is its own sovereign capitalist entity, but they are united under the Confederation which governs the foundations of foreign relations, trade, and policies. Corporations often serve the role of government, since they determine most policies and control the economy. There is no permanently set government hierarchy and the leadership of the nation is highly competitive, leaving the most powerful corporations to hold most of the power within the confines of the government.

Most government "leaders" are actually puppets, and are relatively powerless compared to the corporations that actually influence them and determine many of the nation's actions and policies. The government has a reputation for internal corruption, and most legislators and officials have connections to economic interests.



Director of Economics: Johann Derris
GDP: 9,750,000,000C (Approx. $975,000,000,000)


This is the form of currency used by Tryscar in all forms of trade. One credit is equal to one-hundred US dollars. The credit system is entirely digital and has no physical representation. It is the only currency accepted in Tryscar, and is popular in international trade as well.





"A Lifetime of Service and Devotion"

One of the largest, oldest, and most successful corporations of Tryscar is known as ServaCorps. This corporation, led by CEO Dorren Burne, markets slaves to Tryscarian citizens and international customers. They are the premiere provider of slaves, or "products" from across the world, complete with an advanced rating system on which the prices of slaves are based. ServaCorps operates on an international level, purchasing and selling hundreds of thousands of slaves, which are used for everything including general labor, personal satisfaction, and scientific research.

Slavery in Tryscar is an advanced industry. It is well-known and even advertised that slaves are offered for sale, and ServaCorps offers slaves with their prices based on a "Tier" system. Depending on the overall desirability (gender, age, health, and physical abilities) of the slave, their tier increases.

Tier 1: Poor - very poor quality, unsuitable for work. Physically or mentally disabled, poor health, unwillingness to work, etc.
Tier 2: Below average - poor quality, but able to work. Undesirable women and children, questionable health.
Tier 3: Average - most slaves fall into this category. Average health and physical capability.
Tier 4: Above average - exceptional willingness to work, good health, and increased physical capability.
Tier 5: Excellent - extremely desirable, rare ethnicity, excellent work or companionship capabilities, most valuable.

Notable Individuals:

Dorren Burne

The Confederation of Tryscar Burne10

Occupation: CEO of ServaCorps
Age: 68

Dorren Burne is one of the most successful businessmen in all of Tryscar. He is often shrewd, conniving, heartless, and greedy, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants - which is usually more money and power to expand his "empire" built upon slavery and economic control. He built ServaCorps from the ground up, completely monopolizing the formerly dwindling slave trade and expanding it so exponentially that the entire economy of Tryscar has been restructured during his reign as a corporate fat-cat. He works mostly unseen by the public and operates behind the somewhat notorious cover of ServaCorps.

Alain Josson

The Confederation of Tryscar Busine10

Occupation: Assistant CEO of ServaCorps
Age: 32

Alain is known for being a cunning but honest businessman who excels in finances and management. He worked his way up the ladders of several corporations, almost single-handedly creating many of the most successful corporate conglomerates still in existence today, including CrediCo. Although he was the CEO of several very profitable corporations, he was bought out by Dorren Burne of ServaCorps who wished to have him as his own Assistant CEO to use him as a tool to further ServaCorps' success. Josson, faced with bankruptcy or a position working with Burne, had no choice but to accept his offer. He now works dilligently as the Assistant CEO of ServaCorps, sometimes trying to work in between the fine line of Burne's expectations and his own morality concerning the questionable issue of slavery that has trapped him and all of Tryscar in a choke-hold.



"The Vanguard of Tryscar"

As the premiere provider of security equipment, training, private security personnel, and third-party military contracting, Securion has established a reputation as a formidable and efficient paramilitary organization. They have all the power and resources of an entire military force, yet they have none of the limitations or political restrictions - they are driven only by success, and will work to defend their own country just as readily as they would supply an enemy for the same price. Securion has extremely advanced combat tactics and fighting styles, and they operate several dozen training facilities and recruitment centers across Tryscar. They reject Cyberron's use of cybernetics to enhance human potential, and are constantly in competition with Cyberron.


The Confederation of Tryscar Agent210

The Confederation of Tryscar Charac10

The Confederation of Tryscar Hardco10

Security Officers

The Confederation of Tryscar Police10

Security Cruiser

The Confederation of Tryscar E19ea710

Riot Control Squad

The Confederation of Tryscar Pho-0910

Covert Operation Unit ("Stealth-Suit")

The Confederation of Tryscar Stealt10

Retribution Assault Infantry ("Ret")

The Confederation of Tryscar Merc_b11



"Bringing the Future into Focus"

Cyberron is Tryscar's leading developer and producer of cybernetics, including combat and labor assistance technology as well as physical enhancements and augmentations. They are highly regarded by Tryscar's military, although there is controversy amongst Tryscar's public in regards to their research methods and the use of cybernetic technology. Cyberron's products are all technological in nature, with their most advanced items being cybernetic augmentations and implants which range from simple muscle enhancers to prosthetic limbs to partially redesigned human beings rebuilt for increased security capabilities. They share a bitter rivalry with Securion as they compete for precedence in the nation's military, law enforcement, and security industries.


B.L.A.S.T. System (TM): Ballistic Laser-Assisted Simulation Targeting System

Cyberron T.A.N.K. Suit (TM): Titanium-Alloy Neuro-Kinetic Suit



"CrediCo - Credits You Can Trust!"

As the leading banking and financial institution in the nation, CrediCo is one of the largest corporate conglomerates in Tryscar. This corporation is linked directly to the Tryscarian government and holds a great amount of control over the economy and international trade. CrediCo handles the credit system which provides the basic structure for the economy, and manages several large banking and finance institutions.



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