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"The dark embraces us and keeps us, we do not suffer those of the light to pass. The dark embraces us and keeps us, we do not leave it's arms. We sit and wait, we do not suffer the surface dwellers to pass. We sit and wait." --- High Queen Telta

or in there language

"whedab jilgic udoka vur naktaic udoka, yth tir ti zahhar nomenes di wer mitne ekess dolruth. wer whedab jilgic udoka vur naktaic udoka, yth tir ti jaseve coi ui|ulph jirai. yth stharl vur itheik, yth tir ti zahhar wer svern ingellarari ekess dolruth. yth stharl vur itheik."

Necromancer's chant
((in thier language))
aussir ui wer kluchuduun di drihli vur vignar
ekess renthisj ekess wer loex yth ghulsvetch vur temep
charir ui wer kluchuduun di iejir vur marfedelom
yth jilg wer drihliri vur majak astahi trekis
vutha ui wer kluchuduun di ariloexokarthel
yth stharl persvek wer whedab ekess jaseve wer cuaili

((in our language))
white is the colour of bone and ash
to speak to the dead we bathe and fast
red is the colour of blood and death
we hold the bones and give them breath
black is the colour of the tomb
we sit in the dark to leave the room

There is no information of the Coven known to those of the outside world. First contact has not yet been made.

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