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Post  Cruor Luna on Sun Jan 01, 2012 3:42 am

Only hours after the departure of her husband Raknir to the Peace conference in Tyton, Empress of the lands Anrin Alesius summoned suitors to the Castle. Many suitors came and only a small number were chosen to enter her chambers, the others remained in waiting for her next call. Each man was led into separate halls that lead to separate waiting areas, never to know if any others were chosen or who they were. The men patiently awaited to be beckoned into her chambers and throughout the night each one was brought in. After a time each man left as one could say satisfied but if they only knew they entered to darkest gates of hell the moment they past through her doors.

One suitor who had been forced into coming many times was summoned into her chambers, and as he had done each time before he followed quietly into her chambers to speak with her. He spoke shyly, trying to keep his nerve when speaking to such a woman as her.

"My Lady, As...as I have told you many times, I seek not your bed and shall not enter it," his voice was nervous, he knew that she surely could tire of his refusal and have him exiled or worse. "Pardon my rudeness my Lady, I apologize for not being able to meet your expectations."

Anrin looked into the man's eyes seductively as she slid her sleeve down, trying to make him succumb to desire.

"Come into my bed and share in mutual pleasure. You have refused me before and I seek the touch of a man, my husband refuses to council with me. Am I undeserving of these feelings?" Her voice was smooth and her lips glazed with a honey that no normal man could resist her. She wore perfumes and oiled her skin so that she seemed the most attractive woman in the lands.

"Forgive me my Lady but I will not allow myself to fall into such temptation. Please excuse me," he said as he turned and tried to exit but the doors were locked this time. He turned around in shock to face her. "Why have you done this?"

"How dare you deny me, I am your Empress, your Queen! You have denied me several times over, am I not the most beautiful woman in the lands?? You disloyal subject! Bow and obey your Empress," She began to yell, the guards would hear her but had come to understand this, some of them had been her lovers before. "You wretch! You dishonor me, my empire, my beauty, and my bed by disgracing me like this? I could easily have you killed for this, for daring to disobey me!"

"Disgrace, dishonor, and disloyal, my Lady, I have done the opposite. I have honored my emperor's wife, his empire, his rule, and his bed. I dare not betray him and lay a finger on you, release me from this place now, I will not break until threats," his voice was growing more uncomfortable and irritated as this went on.

"Get out you disgraceful man! I will have you gutted for your transgressions!!" She turned and pulled her robes up over her bare shoulders. The doors swung open with a guard on each side, they stood still, both having been unable to do what he had done. He feared his exile or conviction for his honor, only the Gods knew what would become of his fate.
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