Reports of Increased Unrest in Tyton

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Reports of Increased Unrest in Tyton Empty Reports of Increased Unrest in Tyton

Post  Tryscar on Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:49 pm

A digital broadcast is released across Tryscar's main news source, TNN - the Tryscar News Network.

"Recently, reports of unrest concerning ServaCorps' products have increased greatly. In the city of Tyton, reports of escaped slaves have increased 9.6% in the last month, while reports of slaves who have been injured or killed during shipment and processing have increased 12.4%. Experts claim that this is due to an increase in the unwillingness of newly acquired products to cooperate during their processing and shipment periods. Representatives of ServaCorps cite the increased percentages of incidents as being caused by greater numbers of products going through processing and a more widespread prejudice against the corporation stemming from other sources.

ServaCorps representative Lyria Black states, 'We are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our customers and products, just as we have always done, and we'll really be focusing on increasing our security for everyone's best interests.' The ServaCorps Justice Department, a newly founded branch of the corporation, will focus on this type of security - keeping the products in their place and maintaining the lowest levels of incidents possible.

'Customers and citizens are right to be concerned about this, but I can assure everyone that there is no need to worry. This situation is completely under control, and customers are just as safe as they have always been,' says Black. Even with reassurance from ServaCorps, the situation is being monitored closely, and experts claim that the percentages of incident are likely to rise more in the near future before enough adequate safeguards can be implemented to completely reduce error.

More updates to come.

- TNN - "

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