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We are the nation of Atlan we have come out of our isolation to once again participate in the happenings of the word around us. We stand in the light we are the light and we bring the light with us into the dark places of the land and any who stand in out way shall be smote in holy justice ours saying is To stand against Evil To defend the weak Strap shield and sword Stand with me my brothers We will not surrender We will not give up WE ARE READY!!!!
The Nation Of Atlan  13198512
Current population 250,000,000
Leader: Matriarch Assariaz
2nd: Devlin Shadowgrass
3rd: Ridicand Skypriest
4th: Morgrim Whiteclaw
Captain of guard: Amber Sinseeker
6th: Fer-rai Stormwhip
7th: Cloud Song
8th: Shadow Heartfinder
9th: Evercella Cloudvoyager
10th: Ellentrian Xymorsusim
A small description of Atlan
This is the nation of Atlan after 100's of years of isolation under the rule of the late Matriarch Arazoh now under the new rule of Matriarch Assariaz they have come out of isolation once more to participate in the happenings of the land around them. The people of Atlan are an nation of holy crusaders seeking to right the wrongs of this world once more and to see the weak protected from the tyranny of the once who call them self's strong Atlan will be there when darkness provale's when the weak are oppressed, when the sword is about to deal the killing blow on the innocent we will be there, when greed over rules the right to live in peace, the darkness cannot hide from us for we are the light and we will not stop until the world is once more free of tyranny, greed, lust for power, until peace and order rein over the land again. We are Atlan we will not rest we will not stop until all evil is removed from the land this is the way of Atlan. For how can we rest when evil takes no rest.

What Atlans are and what they can do because of there heritage
The people of Atlan look just like normal humans there racial trait is there eye's unlike normal humans there eyes glow in what ever color they are if you have blue eye's the are bright glowing blue eyes. Atlans also have magical powers but to a point there magic is limited to a area around the Matriarch which covers a vast area the can also link up with other dragon but they have to mentally fight that dragon to access the powers of that dragon which after they have finished channeling they are physically and mentally drained and unable to defend them self's. This nation is based back in the European medieval times with steel - iron armor with swords shields bows and other medieval devices of that time, Atlans values are based on Honer, Loyalty, Kindness to others less blessed then them selves. These people are dedicated to there Matriarch due to the fact that they are Dragon born ( In another words this is a human population which come's from dragons) and they are dedicated to there way of life down to giving there lives for it and the people they call there friends, There is a saying about this nation as you learn more about them they can be you're best friends or very worst enemy plane and simple. Atlans values peace and knowledge of all else and would rather not fight if the option is there but will not hesitate to defend them self's or the one's they call ally's

The mark of Atlan
The Nation Of Atlan  Lord-o12
This is the sacred mark of Atlan it will always be present on a true warrior from Atlan whether that mark is on there armor or graphed on there very skin if they do not have this mark they are not from Atlan or stand for the things that all Atlans do. If anybody were to find an imposter they are to be brought before the Matriarch her self and dealt with promptly for to impersonate a member of Atlan is to bring the full weight of Atlan upon one's self

Matriarch Assariaz
The Nation Of Atlan  White_11
The mighty and majestic Assariaz she is an old and wise Dragon and she is the complete embodiment of Atlan its self ( as were all the other Matriarch before her) Assariaz is a vet when it comes to combat and strategist and one of the many reasons she decided that Atlan would come out of isolation for she is bold and confident enough to lead the nation to start the next chapter of Atlan
on its holy quest to rid the land of evil

Devlin Shadowgrass (Second in command)
The Nation Of Atlan  Dark_w11
One of the older officers in service to Lady Assariaz Devlin and is one of the higher ranking officers in the Matriarchs service he has the power to bend/or change any item into anything or change the composition of any item he chooses i.e. sword, bow, shield etc.………a
Devlins personality is cool and collective slow to anger and extremely loyal
Devlin is a battle hardened veteran who always is on the front line though he will talk over fighting he is not afraid to defend himself his brothers and sisters or his queen

Ridicand Skypriest Third officer
The Nation Of Atlan  Battle10
Ridicand is one of the oldest at 65 in Lady Assariaz service and is the most underestimated because of two reasons .(1) because of his age (2) he really has no offensive weapon showing he only carries a dagger on him and his staff. Most people that do not know of Ridicand treat him like an old man unable to defend himself until they see the glowing runes on his arms and the weapon’s he uses by then it’s too late for the people around him he is also the 2nd highest officer rank order
Ridicand is the keeper of all lore in the land of Atlan he keeps vast stores of books and scrolls in the library he also has access to area restricted which are forbidden to all but a few of the other officers and the Matriarch which he spends all his free time loading his head up with books about magic use to foreign knowledge of other nations recently discovered and ones from the past,
What truly sets Ridicand apart from his fellow brothers and sisters is the level of magic that he has attained of his long years in service to the Matriarch and the level which he has reached almost rivals the Matriarchs own and the fact that he is not restricted to being around the Matriarch/Dragons to use his magic he channels from them he can use it anytime he deems it necessary in any place and the more dragons he has contact with the more he retains there power

Ridicand personality is wise, kind, and willing to help anyone in need

Morgrim Whiteclaw Forth Officer
The Nation Of Atlan  Warrio12

Captain of the guard: Amber Sinseeker
The Nation Of Atlan  Magdal11

Fer-rai Stormwhip Sixth Officer
The Nation Of Atlan  Strong10

Cloud Song Seventh Officer
The Nation Of Atlan  Warrio11

Shadow Heartfinder Eighth Officer
The Nation Of Atlan  Devini10

Evercella Cloudvoyager Ninth Officer
The Nation Of Atlan  Ghost-10

Ellentrian Xymorsusim Tenth Officer ( My Char)
The Nation Of Atlan  8422_110

The City of Atlan
The Nation Of Atlan  Superc11

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