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"You wish to speak to me? Come closer. You ask what I am? I am known by many names.

The Shadowblood.

Child of Lost Worlds.

Destroyer of Ancients.

Sentry of the Void.

Keeper of the Destiny

Daemonus Alatum Abyssimus.


I know all of the secrets of your world. That is why you've come, isn't it? Yes. You call it...Elysium. It is called Filia Abyssi in the Old Tongue, but you would not know this. I felt the spark of the first flame flicker into the endless darkness before there was light. I stepped across this land before any of your towering mountains rose up towards the clouds. I saw the first ocean waves crash up against the earth and bleed out into your seas. I drew breath here before there was even any air to breathe. I have stood vigilant from the sky for centuries.

But...you would not know this either. You know nothing."

Zenthyriax is an ancient dragon, hundreds of millenia old, who resides in Elysium. Although his origin is unknown to humans, he was born in a different dimension, a parallel world that has existed long before the creation of Elysium. He has guarded Elysium since its birth, unable or possibly unwilling to return home. Due to his age and experience, he is extremely powerful and wise, but is often content staying out of the affairs of humans when it doesn't concern him.

Since he has no known affiliations and acts only out of what he thinks is the fate and destiny of Elysium, Zenthyriax is often seen as a guardian and caretaker of the land. He hasn't been seen for many years - perhaps over a century - and while some claim he has never left the land of Elysium, others insist that he's simply a myth.

His power stems mainly from his control over intra-dimensional forces, the psychokinetic life-force of living souls, and the inherent, inborn energy of the land itself. It is said that he can dominate strands of dimensional forces, control or shatter fragments of time and reality, and rip entire dimensions asunder. He draws his power and sustenance from these energy forces which have made him one of the most powerful entities within Elysium.

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