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Post  Ellentrian on Tue Dec 20, 2011 12:04 am

Ellentrian Xymorsusim
Bright Red
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My name is Ellentrian Xymorsusim (zy - more - sue - sim) I am from the nation of Atlans. I have the honor of serving under the righteous matriarch, Assariaz. I am one of only a few ranking officers, who hold the secrets to our race. I am one of few who can truly take advantage of our racial gifts.

Recently, after the death of Arazoh ... *bows his head for a moment* May she forever rest in peace - we have come out of our seclusion to once again participate in the happenings of the word around us.

I have been granted permission to represent my glorious nation, and have been sent out as a preliminary diplomat to the nations around us. You should consider yourself honored, no one has set eyes on a race, such as us, in hundreds of years. *Ellentrian bows regally*

(( disclaimer!!! This bio is typed in the form of Ellentrian introducing himself to someone ))

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