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Solitude was once a republic for the people by the people but after the last war between another nation where the people's decision nearly destroyed the military force defending its people, the military staged a revolt against the government and ultimately took control of the nation and gutted its entire legislative and governmental systems.

Four years after a war broke out between Solitude and another nation the people voted that the military force pull back and withdraw from the other nation's land in an effort to end the war, this backfired and lead to a dread battle within Solitude's border where the civilians were murdered without remorse by the enemy with whom they had tried to make peace. The military was sent out in full force to obliterate this offensive without the consent of the people of their representatives who later criticized their actions and called them "filthy murders" even after the rescued many cities within the nation from death. These insults begot discrimination of the military and war veterans who needed up being treated like killers rather than heroes, many among these veterans were charged with crimes against the nation for their actions in defending the nation, which the prosecutors called "murdering the innocent" and pinned the military with the deaths of the citizens that they were trying to save. These veterans were jailed and even executed for defending their nation in the best way they knew how.

Two full years after the end of the previous war was the plans for a revolt completed within the military and on the anniversary of the execution of the commander that ordered their deployment they enacted these plans. The military assaulted the capital of the nation of Solitude and killed the representatives and leaders that condemned them to a life of shame, but they didn't stop their, they continued their assault for a three year civil war that lead to their victory and a renewed government that governs the nation rather than one that condemned it and its people. six months in power, the commander who took control of Solitude overturned solid evidence that the polls were rigged so that the military would be withdrawn and the nation would be devastated by the enemy with receipts and statements that showed they were paid off by the other government and letters promising high positions under their rule.

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