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Post  Lux Lucis on Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:39 pm

The gene angel tenin sat in his roomin the Ark class floating fortress, he had just destroyed ,nearly alone, a small village accused of conspiracy against the emperor Constantine and to go against his word, is to go against god's voice. Or so he has been told, and no longer believes. He knew this town wasnt rebelling. This was his home town, this place was so incredibly catholic he had hated it here. He wasnt a man of religious tendencies. He remembered that rueful day when he was chosen, he wished for a while, he had never been seen by that damned dark winged angel, and he had grown up to die here now, with his family and friends, he had to so brutally murder.

Tenin was not yet tenin but a young child named Hunter. Right now he was sitting in his math class in junior high school. He was learning Algebra but because he was in the advanced class they were doing college level math problems. He was, of course, not paying attention as he leaned back in his seat, barely in uniform, talking to his friend. The sister who was teaching the class looked at him and yelled "MIIIISTER HUNTER! PERHAPS YOU CAN TELL US THE ANSWER TO THE PROOOBLEM?"

Her voice was annoying and was way to high for tenin to take seriously so he just glared at her then looked at the board thinking for a second. The teacher got a smug look on her face but it was quickly wiped off as hunter smiled at her and answered the problem "x= 5.6 y=7.9 z= 10 can i talk now sister? this is boring." She looked at him dumb founded, he solved it in his head. She just nodded at him and went about her work feeling foolish.

After ward his day was quite normal, for him that is, he beat up some bullies who tried to pick a fight with him in under a minute, he ran the mile in about 2 minutes and then was called to the principals office but he met someone there he didnt expect. A gene angel with dark wings stood before him and he smiled "Hunter? Your a very special boy arent you. Come with me, we have much to discuss." Before hunter even knew it, he was being taken by Marol, he as to be a gene angel.
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