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The Dominion of Incarna  Empty The Dominion of Incarna

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The society of Incarna is a spiritually-based, isolationist nation dedicated to unity and pacifism amongst its citizens.

Capital: Aeona
Population: Approx. 800,000
Incarnate: Arithian Akoris the Chosen
Oracle: Arissa Aekyrie the Veiled One


Government and Society

Incarna has an incredibly peaceful society that is virtually without crime. The government of Incarna seems to be very loosely structured as there is little need for strict laws, although each citizen is expected to adhere to a strict moral code. It is unclear whether this is enforced individually. This stands in place of traditional, rigid laws and government policies which are nearly non-existant in Incarnis society.


The way of life in Incarna is extremely easy-going. There is very little unrest within the nation, as the citizens of Incarna mutually base their values and way of life on a disciplined, mutually peaceful doctrine. The culture itself is extremely complex and often misunderstood by outsiders as dull plainness and uniformity, although others who take the time to understand Incarna may see it as a very advanced and intuitive culture. Citizens of Incarna value simplicity and harmony as opposed to extroverted individualism and expression. It has been said that the people of his nation have a certain "synergy" that makes their ideal way of life prosperous.

The Tribune

Arithian Akoris the Chosen, Incarnate of the Dominion

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Arissa Aekyrie the Veiled One, Oracle of the Dominion

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Mikaya, Disciple of the Oracle

The Dominion of Incarna  Micha_11

It is a tradition for the Oracle and the Tribune of Incarna to choose their Disciples - one who acts as an apprentice, guardian, protege, and eventually a successor. Mikaya was chosen by the Oracle Arissa.


Architecture and Environments

Incarnis architecture is simple, unified, and organic. It often blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings, making the architecture unique in that it incorporates so many of the rare and naturally occuring features of the Isles of Incarna. The Isles are a series of small islands that form around the Central Isle, where the capital city of Aeona and the majority of the Incarnis population are located. Most of the Isles are made up of lush forests, rivers, and waterfalls and the Central Isle is the only one with any significant construction or human population. The natural environment of Incarna is highly regarded and cared for by its people, and small-scale agriculture is the most important means of provision. Often, family homes are designed to be self-sufficient with independent energy sources, gardens, and organic farms.

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The People of Incarna


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The average citizen of Incarna leads a simple, basic lifestyle based around the overall well-being and good of the society.


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