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Serenity's Reach - The History of Incarna Empty Serenity's Reach - The History of Incarna

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Incarna, one of the oldest nations of Elysium, has long been secluded from the nations of the mainland. The history of the nation is rarely told to outsiders, and few understand the circumstances in which the nation were formed.

Groups of colonists from across Elysium and other continents had formed mostly on the mainland and the island chains immediately surrounding it. Incarna originally started as a spiritual movement that permeated some of these young nations and colonies, leading its followers into an enlightened, pacifistic philosophy which centered on a harmonious and structural-functional operation of society. According to this belief, the concept of perfect harmony was attainable - and it offered a lifestyle in which outside influences would be limited and social downfalls such as war, famine, and poverty would be completely eliminated from a society if every individual was subject to a specific, universal moral code and worked towards the same goal.

Ironically, this philosophy led to conflict within the societies in which the belief of Incarna was growing. The individuals striving to achieve this were a threat to others who held power, and were therefore discriminated against. The philosophy of Incarna was outlawed in some areas to protect against the practice growing any further and threatening existing political structures and leaders.

Nearly a century before the present day, the followers of Incarna were united by a new spiritual revelation. A lifelong practicioner of Incarna, Asonion Akonra, began to lead non-violent protests to publicly unite the People's Coalition of Incarna, the first official organization related to Incarna. They operated peacefully for years with only a few incidents related to arrests, until one protest staged in the city of Tyton in which the Coalition was attacked by the Tryscarian government. Almost fifty of the three-hundred non-violent protestors were killed or wounded, and they were immediately martyrized by the survivors of the Coalition. The beliefs of Incarna were again outlawed, and the members of the Coalition and all followers of Incarna were forced to leave Tryscar and all of its allied nations.

Fearing other such incidents, many other followers of Incarna from across the world joined the Coalition and relocated with them. Finding an uninhabited island to the northeast of Elysium, Incarna was settled and declared itself a sovereign entity under the title of the Dominion of Incarna. Since then, the people have flourished and thrived, with thousands upon thousands of new followers emigrating to the new country, and Incarna has built a solid foundation as an independent and self-sustaining nation.

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