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Known of and by the Moon Empty Known of and by the Moon

Post  Cruor Luna on Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:45 pm

The imperial family held a meeting half past midnight after the Inquest trials when the moon turned as red as blood. This was not a natural red moon but a blood magik spell known as Eclipse. Only one with imperial blood could use this magik. All the imperial family gathered there but Princess Acele and Lord General Fieore Fafnir. The meeting was held in a dark room lit with dim torched firelight, so shallow that light shadows could not form with a large black stone table in the center. The table was tall with chairs of cracked stone. Raknir paced back and forth at the door as each took their seats, Anrin next to Raknir's throne, Noctis on the other end of the table by himself, Datriel to his father's side with an empty chair between them, Morgorath to the far end of one side, Farron to the other, and the only non relative of the imperial family allowed in the chamber Kovan Van-Korius stood at the door.

"My family,
The moon has grown red with blood, only one with Cruor imperial blood could have cast Eclipse upon this earth. Acele has fallen ill and stays in her room under Fieore's care. From the scrolls written in our forefather's blood, 'The lost heir will return with a moon of blood that lasts for 30 days and the day has been overshadowed by darkness. Eclipses will foreshadow the child's birth, unatural eclipses of magik from your own magi blood.' He has emerged within this world and we cannot rest until we find him. We will be known of the moon and by the moon as Cruor Luna. Now my kin, we must find the lost heir before he falls into evil hands."

The room was hushed and still, non could believe the lost heir was more than a myth from the wars. They began to talk amongst themselves of this matter, questioning the emperor's ability to lead when Noctis interrupted them.

"My cousins, do not question our Lord. The child was born on this night." Noctis spoke coldly as usual. His soul seemed haunted by his past and that it was something that prevented him from trusting anyone or forgiving himself. The room fell silent then from the silence came words of apology and remorse for their accusations against their emperor. Silence overtook the room again and all were wondering what these scrolls had foreseen of this child. What could make his powers so strong to cause his birth alone to cast such a spell.
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