The 100th Annual Warriors Inquest

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The 100th Annual Warriors Inquest  Empty The 100th Annual Warriors Inquest

Post  Cruor Luna on Fri Oct 21, 2011 4:55 pm

A newsletter would be posted across the nations advertising Warriors Inquest. The event has been held annually for a hundred years.

"The Annual Warriors Inquest Colosseum will be beginning shortly. Until in the years past, the events are open for all nations to participate due to their hundredth year milestone. All nations will be allowed to enter two participants to represent their strength and honor as a nation. Nations have rushed to enter their greatest warriors in hopes of winning the championship. Come and see what nation will emerge victorious in this large scale arena tournament.

Well known champion Noctis Orphan will once again be sitting out of the events. His record of four consecutive championships is still unchallenged even after his three years absence from the events. However, a new arrival from the Cruor imperial army will be entering the events sponsored by non-other than Noctis himself. Zero Auron at age 16 is the youngest known Warrior General Apprentice to have enter the events. Not only that, but Zero is the only female to have been taken as an apprentice by any Warrior General in the history of Cruor Sanguis! May she show the great champion proud in the events to come."
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