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These memorable quotes include statements from the original forum, Spero, as well as the new forum of Elysium. These statements may be funny, motivational, unique, epic, or unforgettable in the "history" of the nations and characters. Enjoy!

Nishi Reia Empress of Arian, at the War Conference in Drui: "Reia turned to face Kurami and said, "You're a dragon? I've never spoke to a dragon before. I am honored to speak with you.""
Author's Comments:" Okay, okay, this was suppose to be an innocent girl meeting a dragon for the first time but ended up sounding like a fangirl swooning over his dragonism."

Sorac of Atrum, at Queen Sarah of the Navii's celebration: "Sorac would say something but is to engrossed in the awesome cake."

Conversation between Sorac of Atrum and Elicea of Vaiton at Queen Sarah's celebration:

Sorac: "if i could get to my dragon i could show you some more tricks. he acts as a catalyst back home. "

Elicea: Elicea waited patiently, not having much of a chance to protest... "What makes you think I want to see a dragon?"

Sorac: " awww hell-stinger isnt just a normal dragon. he is very smart and is probably better at conversations then me"

Rashira: "...I hereby dismiss the emergency martial council of advisors that my father appointed...and relinquish their control of the Kyanite throne upon the declaration of his death within my authority. Therefore, following the death of my father and the absence of any ruling entities, I assume the role of Crown Sultana of Kyanon."
Author's Comments:" A young teenage girl PWNING her entire nation simultaneously."

Amir: "Three nations against one! Hah! It would take all of Spero to kill me!"
Auther's Comments:"Amir being a douchebag, only a few short moments before he had his shit ruined by Sorac and Kabriel."

Amir: "The Drui are nothing but a worthless heap of beggars, going on about "the natural balance" and the "Purple Fire" and whatnot."

Kyanite Soldier: "I don't think it would be possible to cause that pig [Amir] any pain that he hasn't deserved. That is why we are here, fighting for the revolution. But the honorable Warrior-General is still concerned. He had high hopes of something that was impossible - a bloodless rebellion. It seems that it will have to be done the hard way."
Auther's Comments:"A Kyanite warrior discussing the kidnapping and incapacitation of Prince Amir, and the revolution enacted by Kabriel."

Elicea: "No real change can come without a price. Although that price may vary in severity - there is no way to avoid it."

Conversation between Karos and Reia - First meeting:

Karos: Karos walked up to the empress and introduced himself because he was incredibly bored amongst all the grown ups and was praying for someone his age to talk to. "Its nice to see someone else my age here, i was worried i was doomed to boredom.

Reia: "Greetings Karos, you're Sorac's younger brother are you not? I am pleased to meet you and happy to see someone of my age. I thought that I would be surrounded by adults talking about war. To be honest, I do not care for adult conversation."

"General X" : "That was significantly less...efficient than I had expected."

Rashira: "My people of Kyanon, stand tall and hear me today. Hear me as your fathers have heard mine; hear me as warriors; hear me as survivors; hear me not as a downtrodden and bloodied people, but hear me with the strength and courage you have upheld so strongly as Kyanites."

Letters sent between Rashira and Elicia:

Rashira: "Are the stories they tell of your large, graceful, four-legged beasts of burden called "horses" true? I have never seen such creatures. I think I would very much like to some day."

Elicea: "As a gift, to your wonderfully inspirational speech, I will gift you a horse, of your choosing - should you come to visit our humble Kingdom of Vaiton."

Rashira: "A horse would be one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever received. I smile just to think of such a thing - my very own horse!"
Author's Comments: "Rashira and Elicea's first letters, discussing horses."

Kurami: "Dont lie to me i hear alot with these old dragon ears of mine."

Sorac's Peace
""Hey Elicea...I hope your sitting in a better place right now. I....i do miss you. You were a good friend. I've realized that's all you were. I've moved on and i hope that's what you wanted." He would laugh now "Doesn't matter much now does it? Oh man we had some good times though didn't we?" "

"He tossed the ashes into the wind passing through as it blew out toward the lux lucis fleets and he chuckled "Even the ashes of kyanon want to fight....Order from the ashes to the wind my friend. Rest in peace brother, your war is done, you deserve this rest.""

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